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Horizontal Exploration is an exploration and production company with a mission to profit from the utilization of advanced drilling technologies in the proven and well-known oil producing sands of the Appalachian Basin.

Horizontal currently operates more than 70 vertical oil and gas wells and has more than 7400 acres of production and development acreage.

If you're interested in the latest, most cost and results effective technologies for drilling, and would like to lease to us, please contact us via phone or email.
Industry News
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Horizontal Exploration in the News
Marcellus, Utica Shales Make Northeast Focal Point Of Growing U.S. Production

Horizontal drilling, fracking begins in old, shallow oil and gas fields
If we could take a tiny glass elevator down the trajectory of a Marcellus Shale well, we would see slabs of coal, sandstone, shale and siltstone alternating and colliding with one another for thousands of feet until we finally reach the target rock.

Today, half a dozen local oil and gas companies are forgoing the full ride. They're getting off the elevator halfway down, before the Elk Sandstone formation that separates the conventional oil and gas reservoirs from the deeper, unconventional plays across the old oil and gas fields of Pennsylvania.

These reservoirs that have been fueling this region for decades all but faded into an afterthought when the Marcellus Shale boom redefined the industry five years ago.

As Bill Zagorski, vice president of geology with Range Resources, which pioneered development of the Marcellus region, recently told a group of mostly small companies at an industry conference, "We're able to look at these old plays with horizontal eyes, with Marcellus eyes."